Tofu Tikka Masala
Tofu cooked in an exotic creamy souce with fresh tomatoes and aromatic spices $10.99
Tofu Karahi
A north Indian style tofu dish cooked in an iron pot with fresh ground spices and herbs $10.99
Tofu Jalfrezi
Stir fried tofu, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes $10.99
Tofu Exotic Curry
Our signature recipe of rich creamy tomato based sauce $10.99
Tofu Kashmiri
Tofu cooked in creamy rich sauce with fresh fruits and nuts $10.99
Tofu Mango Curry
Sweet and tangy curry cooked fresh with mangoes, tofu and garnished with arromatic spices $10.99
Tofu Saag
Tofu and spinach cooked on slow heat with ginger, garlic and traditional herbs and spices $9.99
Tofu Korma
Mughlai style curry with ground nut and coconut $9.99
Tofu Vindalloo
A hot Goan curry with tofu and potatoes $9.99
Tofu Malai
A delicious curry souce with hint of sour cream and fresh spices $9.99
Tofu Punjabi Curry
Traditional north Indian tomato and onion based sauce $9.99

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